传言不是空穴来风 猜猜苹果iWatch到底什么样

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本文摘要:As if WWDC didn’t give the Apple AAPL -0.28% bloggers enough to write about, Friday brought a fresh round of rumors about what everybody is calling the iWatch.或许是因为苹果(Apple)的全球开发者大会未能为注目苹果的博客专栏作家们获取充足的文学创作素材,于是上周五,关于人们口中的苹果iWatch又经常出现了新的传闻


As if WWDC didn’t give the Apple AAPL -0.28% bloggers enough to write about, Friday brought a fresh round of rumors about what everybody is calling the iWatch.或许是因为苹果(Apple)的全球开发者大会未能为注目苹果的博客专栏作家们获取充足的文学创作素材,于是上周五,关于人们口中的苹果iWatch又经常出现了新的传闻。By Saturday, Techmeme had collected 68 stories on the topic. You can ignore 65 of them. They’re all based on the same three sources:到上周六,美国科技博客单体网站Techmeme已搜集到68篇涉及博文。

不过,其中65篇都可以忽视,因为它们的依据都是三个联合的来源:1. Nikkei Asian Review‘s Yuichiro Kanematsu, who reported Friday, citing an unnamed parts manufacturer, that the device will likely use a curved touchscreen, read e-mail and collect such health-related data as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels. “It is expected to hit the market in October,” he wrote, citing no source whatsoever, adding that Apple has ordered up enough parts to build 3-5 million a month.1、《MBS亚洲评论》(Nikkei Asian Review)的兼任松雄一郎。上周五,兼任松雄一郎援引电子邮件零件制造商的消息报导称之为,iWatch设备有可能使用曲面触摸屏、能读者电子邮件并搜集卡路里消耗、睡眠中活动、血糖和血液含氧量等与身体健康有关的数据。兼任松雄一郎自说自话地写到:“这款设备预计今年十月就不会投放市场。

” 他补足道,苹果公司早已采购的配件数量充足每月装配300-500万块iWatch。2. Re/Code‘s John Paczkowski, citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, gave weak support to the October date. His guys are saying that Apple “hopes to schedule a special event that month.” Then Paczkowski added a caveat: “Could things change between now and fall? That’s certainly possible.” “Whatever Nikkei said about the iWatch earlier today, I don’t care,” tweeted Stefan Constantine, who apparently missed the caveat. “When @JohnPaczkowski says October, it’s October.”2、科技网站Re/Code的约翰o帕克兹沃斯恩。帕克兹沃斯恩援引知情人士的消息,对苹果十月公布iWatch的众说纷纭获取了些许反对。帕克兹沃斯基的消息源称之为,苹果期望在十月决定一场尤其活动。


但假如约翰o帕克兹沃斯基说道了是十月公布,那认同拢没法。”3. Cantor Fitzgerald‘s Brian White, citing one unnamed tech supply chain company, told clients Friday that he expects the watch to be unveiled in September, not October, and only as a companion to an iPhone 6. “Initial production of certain ‘iWatch’ components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall,” he wrote, adding that he expects several versions with a starting price in the $199-229 range.3、金融服务公司Cantor Fitzgerald的布莱恩o怀特。

上周五,怀特援引电子邮件高科技供应链公司的消息告诉他客户,他预计iWatch将在九月、而不是十月公布,并且只是作为iPhone 6的伴侣。怀特写到:“iWatch部分部件的初期生产预计于本月晚些时候开始,并计划在秋天前大大加快。”他补足道,预计将发售多个版本的iWatch,起步价在199-229美元。


Where there’s this much smoke, there’s probably some fire. I have nothing to add in terms of timing, price or production, but I’ve been watching this story long enough to get some sense of what we’re likely to see and what we’re not.这么多传闻难道不是空穴来风。关于iWatch的上市时间、定价以及生产情况,我没什么可补足的。

但我注目这件事早已很长时间了,种种消息是真是假,我心里大体有些序。Whatever it is, it’s not going to look the contraption pictured above: a pulse oximeter that plugs into an oversize watch. Apple’s solution will be elegant and wireless.不管怎样,iWatch意味著会是上图中那个样子:脉搏血氧仪终端大号手表中。苹果得出的解决方案将是外形精美的无线设备。

Apple will not be manufacturing pulse oximeters, glucose sticks, blood pressure monitors or any of those periperals. Apple needs partners, not competitors.苹果会生产脉搏血氧仪、血糖棒、血压计或任何外设。苹果必须的是合作伙伴,而不是竞争对手。

The primary market will be hospitals, not health clubs. The killer app is more likely to be one that warns a patient — and his doctor — that he’s about to have a heart attack.iWatch的主要市场将是医院,而不是健美俱乐部。它的刺客级应用于更加有可能是警告病人——及其医生——他将要心脏病发作的一款应用于。

“The whole sensor field is going to explode,” Tim Cook said last year. Apple telegraphed its plans at Monday’s WWDC keynote when it unveiled HealthKit and announced a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, which is already using remote sensors to track their patients’ vital signs after they leave the hospital.蒂姆o库克去年就曾回应:“整个传感器领域将经常出现爆炸式快速增长。”在上周一的全球开发者大会主题演说中,苹果透漏了自己的计划,公布了HealthKit平台,还宣告与知名医疗机构梅奥医院(Mayo Clinic)合作。这家医院早已在用于远程传感器,在病人出院后之后追踪他们的生命体征。





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