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本文摘要:7.Facebook Was Voted the Best Company to Work for in 20137.2013年,脸书被选为最令人憧憬的公司Zuckerberg has indisputably changed the Internet with his hyper-successful company. But, Facebook the workplace is not doing too badly either. In 2012, Facebook


7.Facebook Was Voted the Best Company to Work for in 20137.2013年,脸书被选为最令人憧憬的公司Zuckerberg has indisputably changed the Internet with his hyper-successful company. But, Facebook the workplace is not doing too badly either. In 2012, Facebook employed 4,619 people and came in third on the list of the best companies to work that year. But, in 2013, Zuckerberg and Facebook topped the list. Employees can count foosball, an annual video game day and ping pong in the office as benefits of working for the company. Facebook also gives employees who have become new parents $4,000 in spending money in order to ensure their family has all they need following the birth or adoption of their child.毫无疑问,扎克伯格和他超级顺利的公司,转变了互联网。而脸书的工作环境做到的也不劣。

2012年,脸书共计4619名员工,在最佳办公企业(the list of the best companies to work)名列中坐落于第三。但是,在2013年,扎克伯格和他的公司名列第一。员工们把办公室里的桌上足球、一年一度的电子游戏节(video game day)以及乒乓球看作是工作的奖励。

脸书还不会为初为人父母的员工获取4000美金补贴,以符合家庭在生育或领养小孩后的所有支出市场需求。Facebooks campus is laid out like a small village and includes a bank, a dentist, a doctor, a gym, a barbershop, dry cleaners, coffee shops, sushi restaurants and other leisure opportunities. Employees cite that the best aspects of working at Facebook include the stock options, the food, plenty of work to do, the learning potential and the ability to set your own hours with little interference from management. There are no cubicles in Facebook and Zuckerbergs office is little different from anyone elses – laying down a more egalitarian working environment.脸书的办公场所修建得像个小村庄,银行、门诊、体育馆、理发店、干洗店、咖啡馆、寿司店还有其他一些休闲娱乐场所一应俱全。员工们明确提出,在脸书工作的仅次于益处还包括优先股份股权、提供食物、扩充的工作、研发自学创造力以及可以自律决定工作时间,很少不受管理部门的干预。

在脸书没小隔间,扎克伯格的办公室和其他人没什么两样,营造了一个更加公平的工作环境。However, it is not all sunshine and likes at one of the worlds most famous tech companies. Employees cite that the politics in the office can be very intense, especially as outside pressure increases. Some say that the vision for product development comes in too late, and that they need more organization both in product development and within the organization as a whole. More than one employee has stated that the management is inexperienced, and it is true that Facebook has had problems recruiting top tech talent in the industry. This could be due to the relaxed atmosphere that some people simply cannot be productive in.但是,在一个举世闻名的科技公司里,某种程度只有幸福的一面。员工们提及,办公室的政策十分强硬态度,特别是在在外来压力大大减少后,政策更为严苛。


显然如此,脸书在聘用工厂高技术员工上不存在问题。有可能是因为环境过于世间,屈指可数就能造成员工工作效率低落。6.Facebooks Logo and Interface Are Blue Because Mark Zuckerberg Is Red-Green Colorblind6.因为马克·扎克伯格是红绿色盲,所以脸书的商标和界面都为蓝色Have you ever wondered why Facebook has a blue theme? Zuckerberg has often remarked that the reason Facebook is blue is because blue is the color he can see best, and he can see all shades of blue. His house is also painted in various shades of blue and beige. You see, Zuckerberg has re-green color blindness, and he learned that he had this common condition after taking an online test. Red-green colorblindness is the most common form of colorblindness, and red-green colorblindness means that much of the whole color spectrum can be affected with confusion happening between reds, greens, oranges, browns, purples, pinks and grays. Statistically, those with a moderate form of red-green colorblindness will only be able to correctly identify 5 colored pencils from a standard box of 24 pencils. Color-blindness affects around 1 in 12 men around the world. There are a few causes of developed color-blindness but in most cases it is genetic and inherited from the mother. It can also happen as a result of disease, aging or as an adverse effect of medication.你是不是想要过为什么脸书的主题是蓝色的呢?像扎克伯格经常说道的那样,脸书被设计成蓝色是因为蓝色是他看得最确切的颜色,他能辨别所有的蓝色徵。



5.Aaron Sorkin Was Listed as Zuckerbergs Favorite Director – Until He Wrote The Social Network5.在艾伦·索尔金《社交网络》出来前,他是扎克伯格最喜欢的编剧Zuckerberg is a private guy and doesnt like having his private life displayed by people who arent a part of it, especially when they get the details wrong. The screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame. Sorkins style is known for being high brow, quippy and full of melodic speeches. But, Zuckerberg said in a few interviews that he found the blatant mistruths in the script hurtful. The drama surrounding Facebook is intriguing enough without an insinuation that Zuckerbergs life work was created to attract girls. Zuckerberg insists that the real story would depict Zuckerberg coding for hours at a time but he realizes that this is not glamorous enough for Hollywood.扎克伯格是个高调的人,他不讨厌向外人展出自己的私人生活,特别是在是被人歪曲自己的私生活。因作品《白宫风云》(West Wing)而出名的艾伦·索尔金编写了电影剧本。


Zuckerberg always liked Aaron Sorkin, and he was even listed on Zuckerbergs Facebook page as a favorite director. But, after the film was released, Zuckerberg appears to have removed him from his page. Aaron Sorkin has since apologized and expressed his sympathy for Zuckerberg saying that he didnt set out to try to hurt Zuckerbergs feelings. Sorkin is sorry that Zuckerberg was so offended but is probably not all that sorry that he did it. After all, he did win an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for his screenplay. Sorkin admits that he would not want a film made about the things that he did when he was 19 either, and he understands why Zuckerberg is less than enthusiastic about the film.扎克伯格仍然很讨厌艾伦·索尔金,他甚至在脸书的个人主页上把他列入最喜欢的编剧。但是,当电影摄制出来后,扎克伯格或许把他从脸书上移除了。艾伦·索尔金曾向扎克伯格致歉,并回应他没想损害扎克伯格的意图。

他很失望扎克伯格回应不满,但这并不代表是他造成了所有的负面影响。却是,索尔金因为这一剧本夺得了奥斯卡、金球奖和英国电影电视艺术学院奖。索尔金否认,他也想看见一部以他19岁所做到的事为素材的电影,所以他解读为什么扎克伯格对这部电影从不发烧。4.Facebook Was Not Zuckerbergs First Invention4.脸书并不是扎克伯格的第一项发明者Zuckerberg began to use his fathers computer at around 10 years old. His father, Ed, was an early advocate of the digital future and bought his first hard drive in 1984. He gave his son programming lessons on the familys Atari, and he bought each of his four children a computer. A fast learner, Mark began building a program that connected his fathers home and office computers which allowed the family to send messages from one to the other. The family called it ZuckNet.扎克伯格在十岁左右就开始用于他父亲的电脑了。


作为一个学霸,马克很早已开始编制程序,他曾编成过一个可以通过相连家里和办公室的电脑,让家人之间互相发送到消息的程序。家人们称之为它为扎克网。While in high school, Mark created the Synapse Media Player, which is an app that uses artificial intelligence to read a users listening habits and recommend music based on their apparent music tastes. He created it in the early 2000s and submitted it as a school project. Back in the day, reviews of the app said that is was a very innovative media player, although a bit buggy. Users found its brain feature to be amazing and that while it is slow going while it is first learning the users music taste, after a while it becomes very impressive. AOL and Microsoft both took notice of the design and tried to convince him to join their ranks while he was still in high school. Zuckerberg turned them both down and instead proceeded to higher education at Harvard University where he would invent Facebook. Microsoft tried to poach Zuckerberg again a few years later, offering to buy Facebook for $15 billion. Once again, Zuckerberg turned them down preferring to go his own way.高中时,马克就创立了引人注目媒体播放器——一个利用了人工智能的应用软件。




然而,扎克伯格又一次拒绝接受了他们,他更加不愿回头自己的路,自己作主。For all of the support, both educational and financial, that Marks father gave him, he gifted him 2,000,000 shares of Facebook which are now worth about $60 million.因为父亲在经济和教育方面对他的反对,他给了父亲两百万的脸书股份,市值六千万美元。





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