小米小碎步进军美国 先卖耳机和腕带

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本文摘要:(Reuters) – Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone company, will begin selling headphones, smart wristbands and other accessories online in the United States in coming months, taking its first tentative step onto Apple’s home turf without its


(Reuters) – Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone company, will begin selling headphones, smart wristbands and other accessories online in the United States in coming months, taking its first tentative step onto Apple’s home turf without its signature Mi mobile devices.路透社 – 未来几个月内,中国仅次于的智能手机企业小米将开始通过网店在美国销售耳机、智能腕带和其他配件。这是小米转入苹果公司(Apple)大本营的可行性尝试,其中不还包括小米标志性的移动设备。

The company also said it is close to securing a manufacturing partner in Brazil, which will help it skirt punishing tariffs on imported electronics when it begins sales in Latin America’s largest economy in the first half of this year.小米还回应,将要和一家巴西生产企业结成合作伙伴。今年上半年小米的产品将在巴西这个拉美仅次于的经济体亮相,而生产合作伙伴将有助小米绕过巴西政府对进口电子产品征税的惩罚性关税。


Xiaomi, a five-year-old upstart whose name means “Little Rice,” came out of nowhere to become China’s fastest-selling mobile brand. It has been rapidly expanding its global footprint through direct, online sales.作为一家有五年历史的行业富二代,小米在一夜之间就出了中国销售快速增长最慢的手机品牌。同时,该公司仍然在通过传销和网络渠道很快展开国际扩展。The company was valued at $45 billion in a December funding round that drew investors ranging from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund to a private capital firm backed by Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma.在去年12月融资后,小米公司的价值超过了450亿美元。这次融资更有的投资者既有新加坡主权财富基金,也有阿里巴巴的牵头创始人马云所反对的投资基金公司。

Its Mi devices, which scored with Chinese users because of their low cost and the company’s heavy reliance on user interaction and feedback, are now sold online across Asia, including most recently India.由于成本低,再行再加小米十分器重与用户的对话以及用户对系统,小米移动设备备受中国消费者注目。现在,小米的网店早已覆盖面积了整个亚洲,还包括最近刚投身于的印度市场。Brazil marks the company’s first foray with smartphones outside of its home continent. Global operations vice president Hugo Barra said Xiaomi intends to begin selling its phones there in the first half of this year.巴西是小米智能手机在亚洲以外的第一站。

该公司的全球业务副总裁雨果o巴拉回应,小米计划于今年上半年开始在巴西销售手机。The company is in “extremely advanced discussions” with at least half a dozen manufacturing partners there, Barra, a former Google executive, said without revealing names, which will help it side-step a roughly 60 percent tax on foreign electronics.巴拉曾在谷歌(Google)的管理层供职,他说道小米正在和最少六家巴西生产企业展开“十分了解的探究”,但没透漏这些企业的名称。这将有助小米回避巴西大约60%的进口电子产品税。

The industry is particularly curious about Xiaomi’s potential to make a dent in the United States, which is the world’s biggest mobile market in dollar terms but one where phone sales are controlled by telecoms carriers and where Apple holds sway.业界尤其想要告诉小米在美国的发展潜力。美国是全球仅次于的移动设备市场(以美元计),但美国的手机销售由电信公司掌控,而且还有苹果这个行业霸主。Co-founder and President Lin Bin told reporters on Thursday that Xiaomi will launch its first online sales site, Mi.com, in a few months, directly selling items from earphones to smart bands to American consumers.小米的牵头创始人及总裁林斌周四对记者回应,小米将在几个月内发售第一个网店Mi.com,向美国消费者传销小米耳机和智能腕带等产品。


The company is eschewing bigger-ticket items like phones and tablets for now partly because of the United States’ carrier-sales and phone subsidy structure, which eliminates Xiaomi’s cost advantage. More generally, Bin and Barra talked about the time and effort needed to tailor its MIUI Android-based operating systems for individual markets and obtain certification, among other things.该公司继续会在美国发售手机和平板电脑等价格较高的产品,部分原因是美国的电信公司销售模式和手机补贴结构不会让小米的成本优势化为乌有。此外,林斌和巴拉还提及,为各个市场量身自定义基于安卓(Android)的米柚(MIUI)操作系统以及申请人许可证等工作都必须投放时间和精力。

Xiaomi’s main intention for now is to engage American consumers and try and build a community there the same way it has in China and India – through fan events, interaction with users on social media such as a dedicated Facebook page, and gradually coming to know both local preferences and building its brand.目前,小米的主要目标还包括认识美国消费者;像在中国和印度那样,举办粉丝活动并在Facebook等社交媒体上与用户对话,从而设法在美国创建小米社区;逐步理解本地市场偏爱并打响品牌知名度。For example, Barra told Reuters how Xiaomi might put its self-branded headphones in front of U.S. audiophiles and tweak the product depending on their detailed feedback.举例来说,巴拉向路透社记者讲解了小米将如何向美国的音乐发烧友推展小米耳机,以及如何基于对系统来调整这个产品。“We’re keen on being in the conversation in the U.S.,” he told reporters.他对记者说道:“我们迫切希望与美国消费者展开交流。





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